Our service

Find Your Paws is a new online platform that connects dog and cat breeders with buyers; providing a user-friendly website with tonnes of useful features to list your beloved litter or find your new family member. In a world full of classifieds we are proud to offer a more substantial service to users.

Our idea

As founders, our personal pet search was confusing and outdated. There was no how-to guide, no clear advice or steps to follow and whilst all journeys are unique we knew we could improve on the resources available by supporting users in choosing a breed, finding a reputable breeder and scheduling a visit to their potential new pet.

Our vision

Our vision for Find Your Paws is to revolutionise the pet finding process by offering a simplified service on our website and creating a community for breeders to network and grow their business whilst buyers can thoroughly do their research, all in one place. The possibilities for Find Your Paws are endless and we can't wait to launch!